Living With Old Age And Stress...

Published: 17th November 2006
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Living With Old Age And Stress...

There are two kinds of old ages. Old age of the physical body and old age of the mental body. Nobody can stop the aging process of the physical body. But it is possible for you to keep the mind agile and active to a great extent.

Any individual who can meet the challenges of old age, is the real hero in life. If you are seventy years of age, don't think that you are seventy. Think that you are twenty. For, they say, fifty is the youth of old age.

The real problem of old age comes, if you are isolated. If you are part of the family and if your spouse is supportive, children helpful, have grandchildren to play with, where could stress find place in your life?

Such grandfathers/grandmothers are capable of cracking jokes against others/amongst others/ and against their own selves!

And those who can crack jokes against their own personality, are the strongest individuals and stress won't bother them at all! For laugher is contagious. If you laugh, you make others too laugh!

Your retirement date is just a few months away. You are under great stress. How would be the life like? You feel that it is full of uncertainties. But I have met many people, who are leading a very happy post-retirement life. ?It is the beginning of a new life. The real life has begun after the retirement, they say. And if you have carefully planned your retirement life, with proper financial planning, your family members will be more considerate to you, as they know that you have a sound bank balance!

Old age is not an accident of life. It is an unavoidable incident of life. You know that it is coming. It has to come! So, why worry over the inevitable? But, if you don't make proper plans for your retirement, you are to blame yourself for that.

Even after retirement, you need to have a proper time-management budget. No doubt, you don't have office schedule or the bothersome business schedule. You have lots of time to waste!

Yet you must formulate the art of remaining busy in style, without the stress on your body and mind. You have the experience of the whole life behind you and therefore it is possible for you to confidently chalk out a plan for meeting the possible stress. You have the capability and experience, to treat stress as a joke!

Yes, life is a comedy for those who have the capacity to enjoy!

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