Help Your Wife Manage Stress During Pregnancy

Published: 17th November 2006
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Help Your Wife Manage Stress During Pregnancy

Do not think that stress management during pregnancy is the ordeal for the woman only. To look at the stressed face of the spouse is in itself the cause of stress. Though for the man, it is the mental stress only. For the woman it is the physical and mental stress combined together! Say, a new dimension to the family is in the process of growing. Therefore, it is a sweet, peculiar type of stress, full of anxiety and aspirations.

Your spouse is undergoing one of the novel, crucial experiences of her life. Her body has given the solace to the creative force of Nature which is working through her. At this time, what she needs is all out support, understanding and love.

Man, if you are capable of loving her, give her the utmost at this time. It would be great psychological boost for her. The woman, if she is pregnant for the first time, will have lots of anxieties about the level of pain during the delivery.

If pregnancy is at the advanced stage, the anxiety would increase by each passing day. The woman has to be strong physically as well as emotionally to face the final part of the pregnancy leading to the birth of the child.

From the psychological point of view, the family support is the best. It is not uncommon for the women to attend ?birth classes?. Attending such classes is the first step for her psychological boost. The birthing coach will help your spouse with matters related to pregnancy and delivery.

Even before the third month of pregnancy, your spouse is expected to attend such classes. She will be taught the advantages of the better blood flow with oxygen and how the growing baby can get more nutrients. The company of classmates helps to raise the level of her confidence. At some stage of the classes, she would be taught the relaxation techniques.

Another important stress management tip for the pregnant woman is related to food. You need to be clear about her diet chart, the list of to be given and not to be given things. Bear in mind that she is eating for two individuals.

Regulating hormones is critical so that there is no mis-happening during the pregnancy. So, those fruits and vegetables that contribute to maintaining the levels of hormones, need to be given to her.

Her feelings need to be well-cared for, and even if there are some complications at any stage of the pregnancy, she should not be encouraged to take a grim view of the situation. If she knows the art of meditation, it is much better for toning down the little bits of stresses she is bound to have!

Give her the best in everything. For the best of both of you is going to arrive soon!

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