Chow Chow: A Tough Defender

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Published: 23rd November 2006
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Bred about 2100 years back in Mongolia, the Chow Chow makes a great companion and an excellent watchdog. It's a medium size dog which has thick fur coat and appears as a living, growling teddy bear. These dogs are normally solid black in color but also come in shades of brown and red. Unlike other dogs, they have black tongues and black noses, and even the inside of their mouths is black.

To look at, the Chow Chow is cute, cuddly dog but has a lordly attitude, which is why it is considered to be a tough and mean dog, which is true in part. Some of them are grouchy and downright mean, while many are playful and indifferent. They are, in general, aloof and haughty.

One thing that stands apart is the Chow Chow's fierce loyalty towards its owners. They are tough defenders and would defend their families to the last of their breath. This is what makes them great watchdogs. Put him on and not a fly could pass.

Any unknown person is not allowed near any of his things, and if you mess with it, you'll have some part of your body in his mouth in a jiffy.

They are quite choosy when it comes to bonding. So, a Chow Chow would find a person of his choice in the family and would obey him or her at all the times. Not that he is intolerant of others. He can bear them but obedience comes for a price. If anyone else wants him to obey, he could offer a treat, after which obedience might be considered.

However, that doesn't mean that even the outsiders can bribe the dog. This offer of treat-for-obedience is valid only with respect to the family members, and any outsider trying it may get a bite-treatment from the dog. This also means that if you want your neighbor to come and watch the house while the dog is in, the dog would ignore the fellow and do whatever it likes though it is unlikely that he would harm the person.

In other words, you can sit and watch, but do not command, as your commands will fall on a deaf Chow Chow's ear and will be ignored altogether.

They need strong human masters, for they are themselves quite strong willed, and needs to be told that the man is the boss. So you need to be affectionate and firm consistently and your Chow Chow will grow into an obedient, good boy.

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